WOW!! Dinner before our Boundary Waters trip and after for three years in a row! It’s the only way to plan a trip. Fantastic food, great prices, and wonderful service.
James H.- Fishers, IN

Your atmosphere, service, and food are great! I would kill (not really, but close) to get the recipe for your steak tournedos. Especially the sauce, since we only get here once a year. Thank you so much!
Deb W - Maple Plain, MN

We have eaten here five times this past week. The food is outstanding! Waitresses have all been professional, sweet & friendly. Thank you!
The Kempers - Kokomo, IN

I must say my two Toe Suckers were most excellent, far surpassing my expectations. As far as the meal goes, Where I come from, it would be considered gourmet, only served in the best restaurants of Boston. Beautiful!
Renee - Chelmsford, MA

From the smiling face when we sat down to the incredibly delicious food, our experience here was fantastic!! The aged cheddar wild rice soup is worth traveling here again from California.
Ron L - San Jose, CA

I nearly ate half my body weight in meat, and I don’t regret it at all.
Brandon - Sedona, AZ

We came here last summer and ate here almost every day for a week. When we came back this year, this was the place we had to eat at. It was sooo worth the trip from the state of Virginia!
The Barretts - VA

Walleye fillets and baked sweet potato for Monday dinner, then walleye sandwiches for Wednesday lunch! Yum!! Thanks!
Lynn and Chris - Kansas City, MO

(Walleye = A+++) (Ice Tea = A+++) (Fries = A++) (Garlic Bread = A+) (Chicken = A++) Conclusion… I LOVE the Ely Steakhouse!!
Marlene - France

AMAZING!! We're from St. Louis, MO, and have eaten at five star steak restaurants that don't even come close to being this good. Definetly the best food and service anywhere!
Matt and Laura - St. Louis, MO

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